Getting ready for another SEED SWAP


I haven't received my seeds from Whispering Willow Farm seed swap yet, but I did receive my 2021 seed order.  My seed collection is growing and I actually can't believe how many different variety of seeds I have.  I can only dream about the different colorful vegetables that are going to grow in my garden this year.  

Since I really value the act of sharing and I also want to meet new people in the gardening community, I was very happy to accept Nikky's invitation to her seed swap.  Nikky's YouTube channel is Our Simple Life, where she shares simple projects related to gardening and homesteading. 

-This is an online swap (you send your seeds and you wait for your swaps to arrive by mail)
-It was 10$ USD to participate
-You have to send 25 packets, they can be same or different varieties
-Each packet must contain between 5 and 10 seeds
-All seeds must be heirloom varieties
-It can be seeds you saved from your garden or seeds you bought
-Make sure you label your packets
Here is Nikki's seed swap video

SEEDS DUE: January 22 2021
SEEDS WILL BE SENT BY: January 30 2021

1. Lacinato kale
2. Five color silver beet swiss chard
3. Malaga radishes
4. Dwarf horticultural bush beans
5. Chives
6. Borage
7. Tip Top Alaska salmon nasturtiums
8. Sweet mace tarragon
9. Pusa gulabi radishes
10. Pusa jamuni radishes
11. Japanese minowase daikon radishes
12. Katsuona mustard
13. Early purple vienna kohlrabi
14. Nantes coreless carrots
15. Cocozelle summer squash
16. Round black spanish radishes
17. Baby milk bok choy
18. Ground cherries
19. Harris model parsnips
20. German chamomile
21. Grand rapids lettuce
22. Brightest bright quinoa
23. Lavender
24. Lime basil
25. Lemon basil

My husband helped me make origami envelopes.  We followed this easy tutorial and made 25 envelopes.  This time, I made some labels to identify my envelopes.  

I also included a little joke that is totally worth sharing with you guys. 😂

My seeds are all ready to be swapped.  Since I have lots of herbs and vegetables, I told Nikky that I was interested in growing my flower seed collection.  She took note of that.  I can't wait to get her package in the mail!



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