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First Project of the Summer : E Shaped Raised Garden Bed

We started the season with a HUGE project.  It's was huge for two reasons.   First, this raised bed was to be big enough to (hopefully) allow us to grow lots of food for the year to come.  Secondly, the whole material getting and transporting demanded a lot of creativity and quite a bit of elbow grease.  We managed to do everything with our two seddans! The idea for this project came from The Gardening Channel With James Prigioni on YouTube.  Recently, he posted a video tutorial showing how to build a raised bed from pallets.  Since budget is an issue during these uncertain times, we started to look for FREE pallets.  Finding them on the side of the road or asking friends on Facebook, we were able to find all the pallets we needed to make our raised bed (and more!).  BUT, since we don't have neither a truck nor a trailer, we had to cut the pieces on site and transport the pre-cut pieces of wood in our Corollas.  Y

What Are We Growing This Years

Photo by  Francesco Gallarotti   on  Unsplash When March arrived, I was really excited to start planning the gardens.  This is only our second year of gardening witch means we are still in the learning process.  Growing our own vegetables is something we aim at becoming self sufficient, but we also know that when you're learning anything, you must be ready to fail sometimes.  Last years was a good exemple of trials and mistakes, wins and losses, but it was a 100% good learning experience.   I can't wait to see my gardening skills in 25 years! In the past month, I've been busy sowing seeds for our gardens.  You read that right!  We have two gardens and an apple tree to take care of this year.  My mother is kind enough to let us build a huge garden in her backyard.  When I say huge, I mean HUGE (well, for us begginers, it's HUGE)  And My father wants me to take care of his apple tree in exchange for his apple harvest.  (Plus he has TONS of delicious raspberries an