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Mid July GARDEN UPDATE - Week 5

  Join me as I make my first tomato and pepper harvest of the year.   I also made a beautiful flower bouquet for the Veggie Chompers 2021 Garden Photo Rally.   I live in Canada and this is what I grow in zone 5B.   Watch it on YouTube THANKS FOR WATCHING! Mel :-)


  Join me as I give you a quick update of my two very different urban gardens.   They are just about to bless us with an abundance of food. I live in Canada and this is what I grow in zone 5B.   Watch my YouTube Video

Veggie Chompers 2021 Garden PHOTO RALLY : come join the fun!

Are you ready for something fun?  I hope you are, because I'm counting on you to participate!! The gardening season always goes by so fast, so I thought of something FUN we could do this year to capture cherishable moments in our garden.  If you've ever heard of a photo rally before, this is what I'm talking about!  A photo rally is an event where participants have a list of pictures to take.  They then submit their pictures, before the set deadline, for the other participants to enjoy.  You might be asked, for exemple, to take a picture of a certain thing, or a picture of you in a situation or with something.  The participants submitting the most items will have a chance to win the grand prize. OFFICIAL RULES Who can participate : Everybody How to enter : Join Veggie Chompers 2021 Garden PHOTO RALLY Facebook Group.  Post an album of your pictures before the deadline. Deadline : September 30th 2021, 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time Winner : Every participant submitting the