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Vegan Ragout in a Pumpkin Recipe

  I've been making ragout in pumpkins wayyyyyy before I adopted a vegan diet.  This one is a classic that I have adapted to a plant-based diet and I bake it every Halloween.   In addition to being very simple, it is also very tasty.  Although it will take you 2h00 to prepare and bake, most of the time is spent either emptying the pumpkin or waiting for the ingredients to cook.   I make this recipe using Lightlife's zesty italian veggie ground, but you could use any other kind of veggie ground, tvp or cooked lentils.  If you do replace the ground, I would recommend adding herbs and seasoning to enhance the flavor since Lightlife’s ground is very flavorful.  There are three parts to this recipe : the baked pumpkin, the ragout and the gravy. Choose a small pumpkin, about 8 to 10 pounds, that's going to fit in your oven!  You will also want to put your pumpkin on a baking sheet lined with parchement paper and wrap the stem in aluminum foil We like to eat our vegan ragout with s

I listened Jessica Sowards and I turned my waiting room into a classroom

    Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash I'm dreaming about owning a small farm where I could grow enough food for our family and have a small roadside farm stand to sell all kinds of vegetables, flowers and breads.  I imagine a romantic setup in the garden, with bird houses, a creek, a little bridge, string lights and a swing surrounded by beautiful flowers.  I want a dreamy farm where people would be able to come and have their wedding pictures taken.  It's difficult to find the proper words to express how exciting this dream is for me and how much my soul hurts with impatience for it to become my reality.  But while it is not possible for us right now to move to the country, Jessica Sowards, from Roots and Refuge Farm on YouTube, gave me a very wise advice : ''Turn your waiting room into a classroom''.  And I did just that!  A year ago, I made a list of all the skills I wanted to learn to become as self sufficient as possible.  I wrote more than 100 skills o