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Growing Your Own Food : 6 YouTube Channels I recommend

In our journey toward homesteading, growing our own food is one of the most rewarding things I'm learning to do.  As a beginner gardener, I'm looking for reliable but interesting sources of information.  I also like to learn from people that are genuinely sharing their gardening experiences, tips and methods.   Here are 6 YouTube channels I recommend if you want to learn to grow your own food. 1. Roots and Refuge Farm ''A big family's small farm''  Jessica Sowards, mother of six, is vlogging everyday about what is happening on her beautiful farm.  Passionate about gardening, she shares her tips on how to start seedlings, choosing what to sow, seasonal gardening and she has the most amazing seed collection. She will make you dream of your perfect garden!  I can't write about this channel without mentioning her husband, ''Sweet Miah'', and her son Benjamin that is the cutest 5 year old gardener you'll ever see.  The most important