Growing Your Own Food : 6 YouTube Channels I recommend

In our journey toward homesteading, growing our own food is one of the most rewarding things I'm learning to do.  As a beginner gardener, I'm looking for reliable but interesting sources of information.  I also like to learn from people that are genuinely sharing their gardening experiences, tips and methods.   Here are 6 YouTube channels I recommend if you want to learn to grow your own food.

1. Roots and Refuge Farm
''A big family's small farm''  Jessica Sowards, mother of six, is vlogging everyday about what is happening on her beautiful farm.  Passionate about gardening, she shares her tips on how to start seedlings, choosing what to sow, seasonal gardening and she has the most amazing seed collection. She will make you dream of your perfect garden!  I can't write about this channel without mentioning her husband, ''Sweet Miah'', and her son Benjamin that is the cutest 5 year old gardener you'll ever see.  The most important message I got from her channel is ''Turn your waiting room into a classroom''.

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2. The Gardening Channel with James Prigioni
I've already mentioned this channel in my blog First Project of the Summer : E Shaped Raised Garden Bed.  If you're looking to learn about growing an organic food forest, this channel is the one for you.  James Prigioni is on a mission to lead humanity into permaculture and non GMO gardening by working with nature instead of against it.  There's always something to learn in James's videos! 

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3. Self Sufficient Me
''Good'day'' is how Mark Valencia is going to greet you on his channel.  This Australian gardener is sharing all his tips on ''How to grow plenty of...(insert any herb or vegetable you want to grow plenty of!)''.  Mark is encouraging everyone to be more self-sufficient by saying ''You don't have to be self-sufficient in everything, just be self-sufficient in something''.  Even though we're not living in the same climate at all, I watch this channel because Mark is an experienced gardener and his videos are packed with useful tips.

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4. Urban Farmer Curtis Stone

Curtis is the owner of Green City Acres witch is an urban farm of 1/4 acre based in British Columbia, Canada.  On his channel, he shows us how he makes a living out of farming in his back and front yards.  Before stumbling across this channel, I didn't even know that urban farming was a thing!  Specialised in fast growing crops like lettuce, spinach and microgreens, Curtis shares his tips on how to make lots of money in a suburban environment.  He also wrote a book called The Urban Farmer witch is a manual to help you learn to grow food for profit.

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5. You Can't Eat the Grass
Serina and Ian have a farm in British-Colombia, Canada. They are experienced gardeners becoming farmers.  This channel addresses the urge of making small actions toward a more self-sustainable planet.  Their videos are all about inspiring you to make some changes by starting a garden wherever you are. 

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6. Rob Greenfield

I cannot express enough how Rob Greenfield is an inspiration for sustainability.  Rob is a well known activist who embarks on extreme challenges, bringing awareness around pressing matters regarding the environment and self-sufficiency.  In 2019, he challenged himself to grow and forage ALL his food for a year.  It was absolutely amazing to watch his vlogs during that time.  Following the Ghandi's philosophy, ''Be the change you wish to see in the World'', all the money he makes from his social medias are donated to nonprofit organisations.

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Although these YouTube channels are very diversified in content, they all promote the same thing : self-sufficiency!  I hope the influencers on this list will inspire you as much as they inspired me to plant something, anything!  Have a good growing season.



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