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What Are We Growing This Year : 2021 Edition

  We are still learning to garden, as 2021 is only our third gardening year.  My gardens have been planted with cold hardy spring crops in the begining of April and more that 500 seedlings are growing in my house.  It's already mid-May, which means it's GO TIME for us.  All of those seedlings (and more seeds) are going in the ground during the next month.   I like to keep our objectives in mind when planning our garden and buying seeds.  When it's time to set those objectives, I always ask myself ''What can I grow enough to be self-sefficient?''  With limited space, I often need to be creative.  This year's objectives are similar to the ones we had set for last year.  We also kept space to experience with new crops. OUR 2021 GARDENING OBJECTIVES 1. Plan 3 distinctive growing seasons (spring, summer, fall) 2. Beans for a year 3. Salsa for a year 4. Pesto for a year  5. Herbs, fresh and dry, for a year 6. Celery for a year 7. Apples and applesauce for a ye