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My first whole wheat bread

As many other things, bread-baking became industrialised early in the 20th century.  Then, bread slicing and wrapping machines were invented to facilitate the process and people got used to buying their bread at the grocery store.  Baking our own bread is the easiest and most usefull skill we lost over time. Always with the objective of being more self-sufficient, I decided to learn the ancient skill of baking bread.  As I always do when I want to learn something new, I got on YouTube and research the subject.  There, I found Heather ''The Kneady Homesteader'' who inspired me and got me started with the process.  Her videos about bread-baking and food canning guide her audience through all the steps with footage.  I started there. In September 2019, I baked my first bread.  A simple white bread using the stand mixer to knead the dough.  It was the easiest thing I could ever bake.  Since then, I've been baking 4 loafs of bread every week.  I love to eat it wit

Homesteading, is the goal!

Homesteading.  A lifestyle of self-sufficency where you depend as less as possible on grocery stores to provide you with the majority of your food.  Growing your fruits and vegetables from seeds, seasonnal eating, home preserving and cooking from scratch.  Is there something more soothing than homemade raspberry and pear jam on freshly baked bread?   We lost so many skills from the times our ancestors lived off the land.  Sewing, knitting, gardening, cutting and logging trees, making soap or identifying differents mushrooms and wild plants to forage.  These are just a couple of exemples of the things we just don't do ourselves anymore.   Not that long ago, cooking and baking were the type of skills that would be passed on from mother to daugther, along with the family recipes.  I remember my grand mother, in the kitchen, making all kind of delicious treats with no written recipe.  It smelled so good!  Nowadays, priorities have changed and people spend less time in their kit