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  Join me as I give you an update of my two very different urban gardens and harvest my first turnip of the season. I live in Canada and this is what I grow in zone 5B.   Watch my second week GARDEN UPDATE

FIRST Garden Tour of 2021 : Full Tour of my Two URBAN GARDENS

Join me as I give you are tour of my two very different gardens, located in urban backyards.   I live in Canada and this is what I grow in zone 5B.   This is my first garden tour of 2021. Watch my FIRST Garden Tour

SPRING Kept Me Busy In The Garden

  Days are too short in Spring!  Between the day job, meal prepping and the daily tasks, there's not much time left for everything that needs to be done before the gardening season officially kicks off.  Amending the beds, taking care of the seedlings, dividing and transplanting perennials, pruning and treating fruit trees, the projects...I would litterally need 36h in a day to make it all happen. Anyhow, Spring kept me busy in the garden! MARCH : AMENDING THE SOIL AND BUILDING A NEW RAISED BED As soon as the snow had melted, I started to clean up the backyard.  We amended all of our garden beds with shrimp compost that I got delivered by the yard.  This meant carrying buckets and buckets of compost.  Good cardio/arm workout!!  We also used that precious time between winter and the official gardening season to build a new raised bed.  We still had a bunch of pallet wood from building our raised garden bed last year, so we designed this project knowing we would be using repurpose ma