My First Seed Swap : Whispering Willow Farm 2020 Seed Swap


I'm SO excited!  I'm getting ready for my first ever SEED SWAP!!

What is a seed swap?
Seed swaps are events where gardeners and farmers meet to exchange seeds (heirloom most of the time).  It's a lovely way to extend your seed collection and make new connections in a community.

Whispering Willow Farm 2020 Seed Swap
When I heard that Jill, from Whispering Willow Farm on YouTube, was hosting a seed swap, I decided to join. Whispering Willow Farm's 2020 seed swap was opened to Canadian and American residents, with a shipping fee of 15 USD for Canadian residents.  Enterings are now closed.

This is an online seed swap so we actually have to mail our seeds and wait for our swaps to arrive.  

Whispering Willow Farm Seed Swap YouTube

The rules of this seed swap go like this :

-You have to send 10 packets (each packet is a different variety)
-Each packet must contain between 5 and 10 seeds
-All seeds must be heirloom varieties
-It can be seeds you saved from your garden or seeds you bought
-Be creative with the packaging

Since it was my first year gardening, I don't have a thousand heirloom varieties of seeds in my collection.  PLUS, I didn't even order my seeds for 2021 yet...  But I still have about 25 to 30 varieties of heirloom seeds to choose from.  I chose 11 special varieties that I like.  Yes, one more because Jill is going to try to put some extra swaps together for those who wanted to participate but didn't have enough seeds.  Let's spread some joy!

1. Cocozelle Summer Squash

2. Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach

3. Bronze Mignonette Lettuce

4. Antohi Romanian Pepper

5. Red Oak Leaf Lettuce

6. Bleu de Solaise Leek

7. Pink Jumbo Banana Squash

8. Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin

9. Lemon Cucumber

10. Round Black Spanish Radishes

11. Delicata Squash

I used small plastic envelopes to safely package my seeds.  I also took this opportunity to use leftover burgundy envelopes from our wedding to create a unique packaging.  In the envelopes, I inserted a small tag with a note, my website, my Instagram and my YouTube info.  

For the outside packaging, I printed some custom descriptions for each variety.  Planting depth, spacing and row width are important informations that I made sure to put on the back of each envelope.

My seeds are now ready to be swapped.  Leave a comment if you got one of my packets.

Happy Swapping!!


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