SEED HAUL : I Bought 10 000 Seeds for 2021


Last month, I took inventory of my all my seeds and came to the conclusion that I had plenty!  Then, a couple days later, I ordered 10 000 seeds.  Anyone else?!

I see it like an investment because once you buy a variety of something, you can grow it and save the seeds again.  It's an ongoing cycle.  So I bought the COOLEST plants!

7. Katsuona Mustard

5. Malaga Radishes 

1. Kajari Melons
2. Carminat Beans
3. Diamond Aubergines 
4. Principe Borghese Tomatoes 
5. Blue Beaury Tomatoes
6. Roma VF Tomatoes

1. Sweet Mace Tarragon
2. Lime Basil
3. Lavender
4. Borage
5. Simplyherb Sage
6. Lemon Basil
7. German Chamomile
8. Catnip Herb
9. Sariette ancienne d'Acadie

1. Strawberry Blonde Calendula
2. Brush Stroke Viola
3. Black Trumpet Salpiglossis
4. Tip Top Salmon Nasturtiums

While I'm super excited to grow all those colorful varieties, a lot of the varieties that I have mentioned are already SOLD OUT.  I urge you to order your seeds RIGHT NOW!  

Let me know what you bought to grow in your garden this year!


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Baker Creek 

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